DockDrop is a simple little application to transfer files to a number of protocols. It's a great way to share them with others in seconds.

As the name suggest, DockDrop appears as an icon in your Dock.

Just select the folder you want to transfer and drag it onto the icon. You'll be able to upload to FTP, WebDAV or SCP. You can also send pictures to Flickr with it.

Once your file has been uploaded, DockDrop will create a url for it on your clipboard, which you can use to share the file with other people.

DockDrop's real strength is its simplicity. Using it is just a case of dragging and dropping and sharing the url with others. This is only the first release of the program, but we hope that future versions will add Amazon S3 and maybe SFTP to the list.

Drag any file or folder you want to share onto the Dockdrop dock icon then choose how you want to send it. Dockdrop uploads it and puts a URL for your upload on the clipboard, ready for pasting into an Email, chat program or website.

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Dockdrop 1.0.0

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